IBRAHIM MIRANDA (b. Cuba 1969) graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba. 


Although Ibrahim Miranda takes cartography, and in particular the map of Cuba, as the foundation for his paintings, drawings, collages, woodcuts, and screenprints, his work transforms the scientific precision of mapmaking into a poetic evocation of the island’s continual metamorphosis.  “I try to create an unrecognizable microscopic animal that constantly mutates, a metaphor for sociopolitical and economic changes that Cuba as a country has constantly undergone in its most recent history,” he explains.  His approach was inspired by the poem “Noche insular, jardines invisibles” (Island Night, Invisible Gardens), by the Cuban writer Jose Lezama Lima.


(Excerpted from exhibition catalogue, Brooklyn Museum; “Infinite Island Contemporary Caribbean Art” 2007 – 2008.)