February 6 - March 22, 2015

Press Release and Artist Statement

Imlay Gallery is pleased to present Sharon Pitts: Nest, on view from February 6 - March 22, 2015. Painting is a language for Sharon and color is her syntax. She is a master watercolorist who uses her finesse of materials and technique to share a profound love of the natural world. Sharon looks for the “mystery in the literal,” and she is interested in portraying things usually only suggested or felt, when we take a moment be with nature.

Sharon describes her garden stroll that led to the Nest series:

“While walking in a magical garden I came upon a section of branch that had been cut from a magnolia tree. In amongst the expanse of branches and pussy willow-like buds I saw an entanglement, an entwining of small branches, twigs, grasses, feathers and pieces of dried leaves. It was a nest but more than that it was a merger (a reworking) of elements from the surrounding garden reconfigured into a place of safety, comfort, protection. I was transfixed; fascinated by the way the nest was hidden in the branch in plain sight. I could clearly see it but at the same time it appeared to have evolved from the branches that encased and provided a support for it. I would say a perfect merger. I was honored to have been ‘given’ the branch to take to my studio. I have so far painted ten images of nests inspired from this branch, each painting taking on its own form and message and I am delighted that there has been such a rich inspiration and collaboration between me and the work of the birds that created their nest.”