For Immediate Release

James b. Guthrie: Frieze not frozen

October 17, 2016 - December 29, 2016

Imlay Gallery is pleased to present new works by photographer James B. Guthrie from his ongoing series "Frieze Not Frozen."

An architect and urban designer by trade, the notion of how buildings, people and other objects exist within a larger environment informs both his architectural and his photographic work. Guthrie's photographs push the technical boundaries of the medium itself while exploring philosophical questions about our place within a larger universe—what the artists terms an “edgeless universe.”

James remarks: “There are no edges, no distinct lines between these things that we see and attempt to categorize. We speak of these things by using language such as: ‘a cloud, a hill, a tree, or even time’. They blend, they flow, they migrate, they share and they exist in a larger totality, an edgeless universe of changing and shifting dimension and context.”